Update on discussions with Lambeth Council

Following discussions with Lambeth Council, CCT remains committed to taking ownership of the Carnegie Library building in Herne Hill for a Community Hub and Enterprise Library.   It is clear that the participation of Greenwich Leisure Ltd is not required to secure the building’s future as a community-owned asset.

Our Asset Transfer Application and Business Plan were developed with no knowledge of the Council’s discussions with Greenwich Leisure Ltd and did not include a gym, as this option had been rejected in our consultation.   Now, as a result of strong representations by us, the Council has agreed that, whilst it continues to be committed to developing a “Healthy Living Centre” at Carnegie, its preferred option now is to excavate and locate the gym in the basement.   So Lambeth is currently obtaining a technical assessment to determine the feasibility and cost of this proposal.

The Trust remains implacably opposed to any decision to hand over the Carnegie building to a commercial entity so that it ceases to be a public, community asset.   The Trust is willing to continue discussions if the basement proposal is achievable.   If acceptable terms can be agreed we will work hard with Lambeth to get the building reopened for the whole community as quickly as possible.

Carnegie Community Trust CIO