BHA boardsThe Project Group is delighted to announce the opening of the Carnegie Community Hub exhibition and public consultation.  This is when everyone has the chance to put forward thoughts and suggestions for how the plans should take shape.  We need the views of the Herne Hill community before it can be decided whether the project is viable and commands public support.


Opens:   Wednesday 5th November
Last day:  Wednesday 17th December

Come and view the architects’ outline options for the building, together with the Project Group’s response to each option. Take away the illustrated Leaflet and Q&A sheet.
Or see the links below to the exhibition materials and our online questionnaire.

Please share your ideas.  Fill in the questionnaire and drop it, or an old-fashioned letter, into our yellow box.  Stick some post-it comments on the spaces provided.
Or email us on  

Exhibition hours:
Monday 1pm to 8pm
Wednesday 10am to 9pm ∗  (5pm on 17th)
Friday 10am to 6pm
Saturday 9am to 5pm

Local Groups
The Project Group is arranging to meet as many local organisations and groups as possible to talk through the proposals and issues.

Links to Consultation documents:
Exhibition boards for the 6 outline options, with PG comments – Exhibition boards
Leaflet – a four-page illustrated summary of the outline options – Leaflet
Q&A help sheet, 31 questions and answers – Q&A nov14

Questionnaire: this is your bit!
Public questionnaire, four pages  –  Questionnaire pdf 
Online version – questions are the same as in the pdf –